ABIS ( All Babies in Southeast Sweden)

All becoming parents in Southeast Sweden ( the counties of Östergötland, Småland, Blekinge, Öland) were aksed to participate in a prospective cohort study on the health of children, with special aim to study the influence of environmental and genetic factors on the development of Type 1 Diabetes, but also other immune-mediated diseases such as allergy, astma, celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, IBD ( Inflammatory Bowel Disease), and also cancer. As development of diabetes was the main aim, also Type 2 diabetes and obesity are important areas.

During the inclusion period 1st of Oct 1997 to 1st of Oct 1999 altogehter 21700 children were born in the area, and 17055 (78.6%) chose to participate.

At birth the parents answered compehensive questionnaires about factors before and during pregnancy. Blood samples were collected from some 35000 mothers and ca 3500 fathers during the predgnancy, and then at birth cord blood was collected, as well as breast milk from the mothers, and hair also from the mothers aiming to cover the pregnancy ( 9 cm if possible).

During the first year the parents were asked to fill in a diary , day after day, with information on nutrition, infections, drugs, serious life events etc and >10 000 did so

Thereafter there have been follow-ups after 1 year, ca 2.5-3 years, 5-6 years. ca 8-9 years, and ca 11-3 years. Parents have answered compehensive questionnaires, and at 8 and 11 also the children themselves. At the follow-ups we also collected biological samples ( blood, urine, stool hair) and altogether the biobank is enormous!

The follow-up continues, but depening on lack of resources in a limited scale. During 2014-2015 biological samples and questionnaires have been collected from special groups and some randomized controls from the ABIS cohort. In total ca 240 teenagers in Linköping, Norrköping and Motala have participated.

In 2015-2016 the parents and grandparents of these teenagers have been asked to participate in a transgenerational study, answering questionnaires and delivering biological samples ( blood, urine, hair). The material will be especiallly interesting for epigenetic studies

Under the subtitle Forskning there are names of active scioentists, and very short descriptions of projects.  ABIS has recent years become involved in some projects connected to the European network CHICOS, and also become part of a Canadian project EPOC togehter with some other important birth cohorts.

A number of researchers have worked with the cohort and some of the results can be seen under ( Publications). A number of Thesis have been defended ( See Avhandlingar, under Forskning).

In 2016 work is going on to created a webb-based questionnaire for all those 17 000 who once participated in ABIS. As the ABIS register is connected to a number os Swedish national and regional registries, it is possible to know diagnosis, prescritions of drugs etc for all the ABIS participants